Welcome to Mrs. Frisbie’s House

  Hi, I'm Mrs. Frisbie.  I love that name.  It makes me feel like I should be baking cookies or canning soup, or maybe relaying my tale of adventures with the rats of Nimh.  I'm a wife and mom who would rather be home with my family than anywhere else. But, life is busy with work,... Continue Reading →

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Did anyone else feel like THIS last weekend? Yeah... us, too! We spent all of Saturday playing outside. We finally got into the garden, too. Tootsie and Pookah raked leaves, Silverback mulched them and helped move our composter, and I dug, pulled, cut, and shovelled 'til I couldn't move my aching bones. It was awesome!!!... Continue Reading →

I See Green

If you were betting on Kohlrabi to be the first to germinate (admit it, some of you will bet on anything), you won! This morning, I saw several tiny green specks emerging from the soil. It's important to note how TINY they are, because this is the point which the sprouts need air and light.... Continue Reading →

You Have to Have a Sense of Humus

I've been told that people see dirty pictures of me on the internet all the time.  No, not the X-rated kind.  I mean literally... covered in dirt.  It's just something I do.  Don't judge, okay? But not all dirt is the same.  You should know what you are growing your food in, both for the... Continue Reading →

Spinach, Peas, and Dirty Knees

We've been grateful for the opportunities to play outside so often this year.  Winter was incredibly mild and now our planting season is beginning.  It seems we've skipped the cabin fever phase altogether.  We can only hope the karma truck isn't parked outside, ready to dump a big POOF of snow on us. Today was... Continue Reading →

Vintage Lemonade

Is there something deep in your soul that longs for simpler times?  Do you imagine yourself in the Country Time commercial, swinging from a tire swing over a lake in the hazy heat of summer?  Forget the powdery mix, we have found the authentic taste of summer.    Pookah and I mixed up this delicious old-fashioned... Continue Reading →

The Square Foot Garden Plan

Last Spring, while we were expecting Tootsie to come along in the middle of June, I didn't know how much energy or time I would have to maintain a garden.  I wondered:  even if I got it started, how would I keep it weeded?  I envisioned a mass of wild grasses choking out my vegetable... Continue Reading →

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