The Ant Hill Farm

On a winding road between Prompton and Honesdale, is a hardworking team deeply committed to organic farming practices that call themselves the ant hill.


From Seed to Kitchen: Phase 4 – Transplanting to the Garden

Have you reached your frost date?  Have you performed the hardening off process?  Do the plants look healthy and stable with several leaves?  Then you are ready to transplant your plants to your garden.  Begin with plants that have not been recently soaked from watering.  You'll want to work with soil that is somewhat loose - not compact from... Continue Reading →

Spinach Salad

Just showing off the season's first organically grown salad greens from our garden.  We collected enough baby spinach leaves last weekend to enjoy a little salad with our dinner.  It was so darn pretty, I just had to show you.  The grape tomatoes and red onion are from the store.  Eventually, the whole dish was doused with balsamic vinegar, topped with feta... Continue Reading →

Building a Self-Watering Container Garden

You can purchase very pretty self watering containers, but they are costly.  With a little research, we found instructions for many different models that you can construct at home from just about anything.  Here is how we made ours.  We have chosen features from several different models and we are using recycled materials obtained free of charge.  This is an experiment... Continue Reading →

Greenhouse Strawberries

WE LOVE BERRIES!  I've mentioned before that I have way too many strawberry plants taking over the garden, and we still never seem to have enough berries.  We eat them too quickly to make preserves and each year that I try to slice and freeze them for the future, someone (ahem... Silverback) eats them right... Continue Reading →

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