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As tomato & pepper season kicks off, we’re storing up the garden goodness in our favorite way!  We slightly modified this great recipe from A Man Named Muffin who also gave us generous amounts of vegetables from his sister’s harvest.  Our gratitude goes out to both of them.  

Is cooking and canning a chore?  Not if you enlist the help of loved ones to share the work.  We hopped over to Mom and Dad Frisbie’s and made it a family project.  While all of us split up the work, we shared recipe ideas and heard tales of “the old days” when the only way to feed a large family (my father-in-law being one of 12 kids) was to grow a large garden and make it last all year.  Growing and preserving food may seem like a lost art, but it’s making a comeback in these tough economic times.  Even if you don’t have a garden of your own, it’s wise to buy up local produce at a great price while it is in season and “put it up” for leaner times.  It saves money, tastes better, and – as my mother-in-law says – “at least you know what’s in it.”    (more…)


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