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Making Chicken Stock

In my quest for frugal dinners, I have found that I can stretch a chicken further than any other type of meat.  A whole chicken fryer or roaster will frequently go on sale for under 70 cents per pound.  Just $5 worth can be expanded many different ways.  While I love it slow roasted using this method, the quick and easy weekday route is just to plop it in the crockpot.  Nothing fancy, just get it cooked.  Add your favorite seasonings, or nothing at all.  From there, you have the beginning of a beautiful thing.   (more…)


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Preserving the Season

Preserving Fall Leaves

I know I’m not alone when I say that Autumn is my favorite season.  Who doesn’t love the cool weather, bright sunshine, colorful leaves, pumpkins, apples, cider, and lots of outdoor fun?  Yesterday, we went exploring in the neighborhood and collected leaves.  Pookah’s favorites aren’t the most colorful ones we could find… they’re the brown crispy ones that break apart in your hands!  She loves the crunch and the feel of them.  When a wind kicked up and gathered the leaves into a nice group, we all delighted in swooshing through them.  Admit it, you kick up the leaves when no one is looking, don’t you?  Tootsie is drawn to the effect of the leaves on the trees as they twinkle against the blue sky.  She can’t take her eyes of them.  And me, I just like the fresh air.  Autumn is a hiker’s dream. (more…)

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