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This year, I’m going to try posting some photos of my plants on a regular basis.  You will be able to see my success and failures as you follow along.  Remember, everything is an experiment here at the Frisbie house, so the outcomes are sometimes a surprise.  If you’d like to send me photos of your own progress, email me.  I’d love to add some reader photos to this series.   (more…)

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Get Some Dirt Under Your Nails

It’s time!  If you live in Zone 5, it’s time to start seeds for Spring vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts.  We are using this method once again, but starting a bit earlier this year.  We have also set some tomato seeds for our greenhouse experiment which I will write about this year.  Don’t you just love to experiment?  (more…)

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How much food do you think we throw away because it goes bad in our refrigerator?  Why?  Because no one wants to eat leftovers?  Because we got tired of it before it expired?  I can’t watch food go to waste, but it happens.  I hope to inspire you to have fun with leftovers and use your creative muscles to get ahead.  Here are a few meal makeover ideas:

Yogurt Smoothies


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