Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam Young and Peggy Jones

Two smart women suggested I read this book, they said it helped them become more organized at home.  Those of you who follow Flylady are familiar with the basic principles here, because this is the system on which she based her program.  This system involves an index card file.  It’s color coded, chronological, and alphabetized – all very unfamiliar situations to me!  I love it and it seems to be working so far.  The book is humorous and easy to read. The “Slob Sisters” share their most disturbing household problems with the reader, letting us all know that we’re not alone.  They take us along on their journey from complete chaos to organizational bliss.  What I like most about this index card file is that if works like a fluid list.  You can place tasks throughout the month and year, including reminders of special events.  You can also move incomplete tasks to another day.  Silverback believes that using the computer for task lists is the best method, and that may work for some, but I prefer to have the hardcopy in front of me.  A computerized list is too easy for me to ignore.  It took a little time to set up my card file, and all the restraint I have not to get sidetracked decorating the box, but now that I have it together, it’s very easy to use.  I’d recommend this for any busy person who is not naturally organized.


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