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Getting bigger each week. 

See how the roots are forming along the planted stem of the tomato plant?  That will make the plant strong.  The birth leaves are dying back.  Their work is done.  We can remove those by pinching the base of each leaf with our thumbnail and finger, being careful not to damage the stem. 

And here are the leaves of that plant.  This is the happiest plant we have.  Tomatoes definitely benefit from being planted in a deep container.

Remember that I am a few weeks ahead, so if your plants don’t look like this yet, that’s okay.  Go back and look at the weekly photos from past weeks to compare.


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transplanted to potting soil

Some of our seedlings are ready for transplant.  They have developed their second set of leaves, the true leaves, and are in need of nutrient rich soil. (more…)

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I think it was a water issue.  I’ve been adding more water and development seems to have picked up a little.

Broccoli 4 weeks after planting


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Things are slowing down.  Time to do some trouble shooting.


Tomato 3 weeks after planting


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Nothing croaked yet; things are getting exciting under our lights!   Here, you will see a fine example of the true leaves appearing. 

True leaves appearing

Brussel sprouts are growing a bit slower than the others.

Brussels sprouts 2 weeks after planting

Broccoli is right on target.  See the 2 separate leaves that you could not see in last week’s pic? 

Broccoli 2 weeks after planting

There’s a glimpse of our seed project 2 weeks after the seed hit the soil.  So far, so good.  But, I’m thinking we need to improve our light source.  We have too many plants sharing the glow.  Time for a trip to the store! 

How do yours look?  Just keep checking the moisture in the soil daily, continue giving 16 hours of light, and keep the light source close… about 3 inches from the leaves, so the plants will stay compact and strong.  

If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late.  Follow along from seed to kitchen.

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This year, I’m going to try posting some photos of my plants on a regular basis.  You will be able to see my success and failures as you follow along.  Remember, everything is an experiment here at the Frisbie house, so the outcomes are sometimes a surprise.  If you’d like to send me photos of your own progress, email me.  I’d love to add some reader photos to this series.   (more…)

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