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Locally Made, Eco-Friendly, Organic Bath Products that Smell WONDERFUL!

Michelle at Heavenly Hair Studio pampered me with products from Danielle and Company!  She used a luxurious lotion on my hands that smells sooo good, I can hardly stop sniffing myself!  But when she told me about the products, I had to write about them.  Danielle and Company is a Scranton-based business that manufactures their bath and body care products by hand, using organic ingredients and authentic scents.  All of their products are certified organic, sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, and non-toxic.  The products are not tested on animals and the packaging is eco-friendly.  In addition to all  these great features, 10% of your purchase will be donated to support Penn State University’s bee colony collapse disorder research program. (more…)


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baby ducks & geese

On a winding road between Prompton and Honesdale, is a hardworking team deeply committed to organic farming practices that call themselves the ant hill. Pictures of the rolling hillside, orchards, grassy paths that lead to a hidden lake, and well-designed vegetable plots only begin to show the hard work and dedication of the contributors to this farm. Pookah and I, along with some dear friends, recently took the opportunity to visit The Ant Hill Farm, stroll the property, and meet its residents. (more…)

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Edited to reflect that EIO no longer uses Hillside Farms milk, now has a minimum delivery requirement of $15.00 and charges a $3 delivery fee.

Milk in glass bottles, farm fresh eggs, cheeses, butter, bread, juices, iced tea, soups, chicken, beef, ice cream, and many more staple grocery items delivered to your door!

If you live anywhere in Luzerne or Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, EIO Farm Fresh Home Delivery service will deliver to your home, office, or dorm for a fee of $3 per delivery.  You can schedule regular deliveries weekly, every-other-week, or monthly.  Their online ordering system makes it easy to place an order and make changes or you can call their toll-free customer service line.  If you can’t be home for the delivery, they will place your order in your cooler and kindly pack the cooler with ice if needed.  If you have a refrigerator in your garage, they’ll stock that, too.  The variety of local foods they provide is quite impressive.  Here are some details about the Pennsylvania businesses whose products are available through EIO. (more…)

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Community supported agriculture (CSA) is an agreement between a farmer and the consumer which is mutually beneficial in that the farmer is able to acquire membership fees by selling shares of their annual yield at a time when sales are slow and the customer benefits by receiving a bounty of farm products usually at a discount over retail.  The process not only eliminates the middleman, but helps boost the farm through the toughest economic quarter of the year.  Many CSA memberships include optional work days on the farm and educational opportunities in addition to high quality, locally grown goodness.


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