Vintage Lemonade

Is there something deep in your soul that longs for simpler times?  Do you imagine yourself in the Country Time commercial, swinging from a tire swing over a lake in the hazy heat of summer?  Forget the powdery mix, we have found the authentic taste of summer.    Pookah and I mixed up this delicious old-fashioned... Continue Reading →


You Gonna Eat That?

How much food do you think we throw away because it goes bad in our refrigerator?  Why?  Because no one wants to eat leftovers?  Because we got tired of it before it expired?  I can't watch food go to waste, but it happens.  I hope to inspire you to have fun with leftovers and use your creative muscles... Continue Reading →

Delivery? Forgettaboutit!

I'm on this kick, it seems, with the kitchen on my mind.  It was recently reported that the price of basic ingredients such as flour and sugar is rising, and that will be reflected in the prices of prepared foods.  So, here's another frugal recipe idea for you.  As with most of my recipes, it's more of a... Continue Reading →

What should I do with all these…?

PUMPKINS!!!! Did you make some into Jack O Lanterns?  Otherwise known as squirrel food and juvenile delinquent fodder? We had fun making silly faces.  I like how Silverback's seems to lean in and growl.  We still have a few left and I've got big plans for them.  The cute little ones are best for making... Continue Reading →

Making Chicken Stock

In my quest for frugal dinners, I have found that I can stretch a chicken further than any other type of meat.  A whole chicken fryer or roaster will frequently go on sale for under 70 cents per pound.  Just $5 worth can be expanded many different ways.  While I love it slow roasted using this method, the... Continue Reading →

Making Garden Salsa

Colorful jars of home-canned goods are pretty atop kitchen cabinets, and they hold in them a memory of the earth and sun, of hard work, and in this case... of family

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