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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe were planning to start our seeds the other day and I was about to go dumpster diving for containers when I got “Monday-ed.”  By that I mean that somehow dinner got ruined (don’t buy discount tortellini, okay?) and we had to order delivery. (Note to self: be more prepared for last-minute menu changes) As a bonus, Pizza Hut puts their wings in these nifty metal trays perfect for lots of things! Yes. I save them. Don’t judge.

So here we are creating masterpieces with dirt. I sprung for the Jiffy Mix because we had so much luck with it in the past. The girls had marigold seeds they collected last year and a gift of Lilly seeds from Pookah’s friend (thanks!). While they were busy planting those, I worked on Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and kohlrabi. It’s easy. Just put water and seeds in the starter mix. Detailed instructions here.

Pookah & Tootsie starting flower seeds

Pookah & Tootsie starting flower seeds

We put a single seed type into each container and then wrap with a plastic bag to keep the moisture in. Pookah wants to remind you how important it is to label each container. Then place them in a warm spot where you will remember to check them daily. Guess where we keep ours.

Always place them where you will remember to check daily for signs of germination

Always place them where you will remember to check daily for signs of germination

You can see the condensation beginning already. That moisture is not going anywhere. And now we wait…

Actually, we have some cleaning up to do. We made a fabulous mess.


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The Frisbie House was built in 1920, firmly planted into the bedrock of the hillside.  It’s clear that some blasting was done to lay the foundation and the remaining rubble buried throughout the grounds.  Put a spade in any spot in our yard and you will quickly come to a scraping stop.  This can be a challenge. 

When re-flooring the greenhouse this year, we built 2 raised beds that needed to be filled with soil.  Any old person can go out and buy soil, but hey, we’re The Frisbie’s, surely there is some way we could mechanize this process and use what we already have… right?  

“Honey… bring me the power tools!”  

DIY Sifting Screen

In his usual problem-solving manner, Silverback built a screen to sift soil and separate rocksand then juiced it up.    



Power tools are your friends

It was fun watching him tinker with it, and it came together pretty quickly.  He truly amazes me when he builds things.  He thinks of everything – it sits on top of the wheel barrow and is compact enough to store easily.  The reciprocating saw unhooks and goes back into the toolbox.  When he perfected it, he began clearing the area under our deck, which is the most rock-laden part of the yard and definitely needs a re-do.  Within a short time, he screened enough soil to fill the need in the greenhouse.  Soft, fluffy, beautifully screened soil!  Next, I want him to screen some compost to enrich those beds.  The machine makes it easy, fast, and fun.

Soil goes in the wheel barrow; rocks fly like the dickens

The by-product is some gravel and stones we can use in landscaping.  I’m a little freaky about stone.  I love it.  I earned a 4.0 in Geology.  When I see a pile of rocks I want to build a wall, line a path, or just stare lovingly at it.  After all, I grew up in the country where farmed fields were deliniated by acres of rock wall.  Beautiful.  Primitive.  Interesting.

One day, I will update you with a before/after photo of our deck project.  Until then, here’s a peek at the new greenhouse beds where some lucky plants will snuggle in for the season.     


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