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I am constantly searching the web for free printable learning materials to share with Pookah and Tootsie. Check out this amazing pack I found on Living Montessori Now from RoyalBaloo and Logi Bear Too!

Earth Day Free Printable Packs

It includes TONS of great Earth Day activities for kids from toddler to 2nd grade.

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd. Have you thought about celebrating bit of environmentalism?

Plant a flower. Hug a tree!

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Did anyone else feel like THIS last weekend?


Yeah… us, too!

We spent all of Saturday playing outside. We finally got into the garden, too. Tootsie and Pookah raked leaves, Silverback mulched them and helped move our composter, and I dug, pulled, cut, and shovelled ’til I couldn’t move my aching bones.

It was awesome!!!

I love the first day of culling out the flower beds and turning over the new, dark, earth. I have big plans for this area this year.


Pretty icky, now, huh? The picker bushes LOVE this area. I pulled them all out and Silverback helped me lay down some black plastic to solar kill the weeds. The garage wall will make a nice back drop for a flower garden on top of this stone wall. You can’t see it, but it’s there under the weeds.

I can’t wait to post pics of it when it’s done.

And we FINALLY got our peas into the ground. Along with some lettuce and spinach. Carrots are next!!!


I hope you had the chance to get some fresh air and play in the sunshine.

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Preserving the Season

Preserving Fall Leaves

I know I’m not alone when I say that Autumn is my favorite season.  Who doesn’t love the cool weather, bright sunshine, colorful leaves, pumpkins, apples, cider, and lots of outdoor fun?  Yesterday, we went exploring in the neighborhood and collected leaves.  Pookah’s favorites aren’t the most colorful ones we could find… they’re the brown crispy ones that break apart in your hands!  She loves the crunch and the feel of them.  When a wind kicked up and gathered the leaves into a nice group, we all delighted in swooshing through them.  Admit it, you kick up the leaves when no one is looking, don’t you?  Tootsie is drawn to the effect of the leaves on the trees as they twinkle against the blue sky.  She can’t take her eyes of them.  And me, I just like the fresh air.  Autumn is a hiker’s dream. (more…)

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