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Getting bigger each week. 

See how the roots are forming along the planted stem of the tomato plant?  That will make the plant strong.  The birth leaves are dying back.  Their work is done.  We can remove those by pinching the base of each leaf with our thumbnail and finger, being careful not to damage the stem. 

And here are the leaves of that plant.  This is the happiest plant we have.  Tomatoes definitely benefit from being planted in a deep container.

Remember that I am a few weeks ahead, so if your plants don’t look like this yet, that’s okay.  Go back and look at the weekly photos from past weeks to compare.


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When you transplant a tomato plant, choose a tall container and plant the entire stem – right up to its leaves – in soil.  This will develop a hardy root system for a strong plant. 

Here is a little experiment to help Pookah understand what is happening under the soil.  We used a clean, clear plastic bottle from our recycle bin, cut the top off, and poked holes in the bottom.  We gently pressed the plant against the side of the container and filled it with soil.  Then, we covered the container with a sleeve made of black construction paper to prevent light from affecting the roots.  We placed it in a shallow bowl so we can water it from the bottom and set it under the light with the rest of our plants.  Let’s watch the roots develop over the coming weeks together.  I’ll share the photos with you and we’ll see what happens.  (more…)

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transplanted to potting soil

Some of our seedlings are ready for transplant.  They have developed their second set of leaves, the true leaves, and are in need of nutrient rich soil. (more…)

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Gift that made my day!

I’m not Irish and I don’t look good in green, but I LOVE this holiday for another reason.  You know why, right?  Peas!!!  And other things, too.  The weather was so fine the other day, Mom came up for a visit and we ended up outside with Pookah and Tootsie.  There is just something about digging up the rich, dark soil for the first time, the cool air, the sun beaming down, the smell of the garden, the promise of things to come… oh yeah, it’s a glorious day.  We put 2 kinds of peas in the garden along the fence.  We uncovered some garlic sprouting beneath the dry leaves.  We found some onions hiding under there, too.  We made 2 container gardens for lettuce and spinach in the greenhouse. (more…)

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I think it was a water issue.  I’ve been adding more water and development seems to have picked up a little.

Broccoli 4 weeks after planting


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Get Some Dirt Under Your Nails

It’s time!  If you live in Zone 5, it’s time to start seeds for Spring vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts.  We are using this method once again, but starting a bit earlier this year.  We have also set some tomato seeds for our greenhouse experiment which I will write about this year.  Don’t you just love to experiment?  (more…)

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Oh, how those racks and racks of colorful seed packs make me smile!  They’re popping up in stores right now.  And here come the cheerful catalogs in the mail!  But before you go out and buy more than you need, I have another idea for you.  (more…)

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