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“Look between your ears!”

A quote from the television show Cheers that tickled my whole family the night we watched it together. I can still make my brother laugh if I lob the declaration at him.

But it is true. I have a quote on my Pinterest page that says “The mountains are calling and I must go” and that’s exactly what I was thinking about this morning. When the snow fell, it was beautiful to me. I longed for a moment by the fire, looking out upon wide open spaces blanketed in white. It would be more comforting than watching my neighbor pause his shoveling activity to dig around the depths of his snowpants to scratch his rear.

There is a small patch of woods – half a lot – that I can see from my window if I arrange myself on the sofa just right. I find peace with a bit of tunnel vision. While I love my neighbors, I do believe I’m a country girl at heart.

View from the sofa

View from the sofa

Another snowy day, not very long ago, as Silverback and I drove through the country around sunset, we saw snowmobiles zipping around an open field and a family huddled around an open fire. It was a moment that still hangs between us, the envy nearly tangible, spoken words not necessary to express the way we both felt. We longed to be that family, to play in the snow with our girls, take turns zipping around the drifts, and warm ourselves by the fire. Simple enough, right? Peace, quiet, a great view, and hot chocolate with marshmallows roasted over a fire.

(I think I need a vacation)

Until then, I hope everyone in the northeast stays safe and warm and enjoys a little family time during the school delay.


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